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Houston Studio Production

Need studio space? We have a 2200 square foot shooting stage, a two-wall hard corner infinity cyclorama with plenty of lighting and power. Thanks to our resident still photographer, we installed a full kitchen to support her specialty, food and beverage photography. Now it’s hard for any of our clients to imagine living without this amenity. A semi-private client area with wireless access is equipped with everything a producer might need, including a 55 inch flat screen monitor to display what the studio camera sees, media playback, web streaming or broadcast channels. Finally, a dedicated wardrobe/ makeup room is conveniently located adjacent to the studio for easy access and talent comfort. So whether you’re shooting a head to toe green screen, an office set or a car commercial, our studio is an efficient workspace and a cool place to spend the day.

Studio Photos

Houston Video StudioClick the images above to view our gallery of facility photos

Studio Layout

Houston Production Studio LayoutClick the image above for a hi-res PDF of the studio layout

Hard wall cyc can be painted to suit upon request. Cyc is painted "as is" for the last client. Repainting to request is based on time and materials. Please allow 3 days notice before shoot day.