One of the most important parts of production is pre-production! That’s where we work with you to determine format, size of crew, transportation and many other details. We work hard to map your project out in advance so we can move efficiently, gathering the footage we need to tell your story. Of course, no plan is perfect and sometimes circumstances change. That’s when you need our experience. Chances are, whatever the new challenges, we’ve met and mastered them before.



Whether you need a writer for industrial, training, corporate or commercial copy, South Coast can provide world class, award winning scriptwriters to help you with your project.



Location Scouting


Need to know where you're going to shoot? What's the parking situation? Any loud noises emanating from that derelict building nearby? How far do you need to run electrical cable? Where can the crew get a quick bite to eat? All these questions and more can be answered with a South Coast scout checking things out for you.




Looking for that perfect smile for your next production? Maybe a person to deliver that all essential final tagline for your new spot? Allow South Coast to cast the talent for your next project. We work with Houston's top talent agencies as well as Hollywood and New York to find that perfect person for all of our productions.




It could be news, in-depth corporate interviews, physician/patient information videos or national commercials, but whatever the project, South Coast has the personnel and capabilities to handle your needs on a daily basis.





Once again, whatever the format, we have the personnel to handle your project. From kids and animals to executives and man-on-the street, we've won awards and praise for our handling of every situation and the ability to get that great on-camera response or performance.


Production Management


Service is as service does ! We're committed to making your project the very best that it can be. We assist you in scheduling, placement, deliveries and just making sure the job gets done, on time, within budget and without the hassles.