Animation / Graphics

Flying logos, panicking particles and custom graphics are all available to put the finish on your project.



We fly everything from butterflies to logos in our animation dept. This is where the 2D and 3D animation and graphics support for the edit suites happens. Our workstation has all the right tools from Lightwave and Blender for 3D work to Adobe's Creative Suite and plenty of particles and rotoscoping in between. All of this imagery flows seamlessly over our network to and from our HD edit suites with truly stunning results.



Custom design for post-production also happens in the graphics room. Here we create elements to be incorporated into the overall look and feel of the project. They can be used not only for video production in lower thirds, custom transitions and multi-layer backgrounds. But also in web design and print as well. This allows our clients to make the best possible use of their investment in their creative assets.

Web Enabled Media


Speaking of the web and custom design. We also have a box full of tools for doing just that. If you need your graphics formatted for use on the web or maybe you have some video to be streamed with very detailed setup specifications, we can create the media you need. We can also whip up some HTML code for you and glue it all together.